Baba Is You (Digital)


Hempuli Oy Studio presents a puzzle game you won’t be able to stop playing once you begin – Baba Is You. In every level, the rules themselves are present as blocks you can interact with and you can change these rules by manipulating them. That means that you can change how the level works, and as a result, cause the most fortuitous and entertaining encounters! With some simple block-pushing, you can turn yourself into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to reach to something entirely different – buy Baba is You Steam key and change the mechanics of this puzzle-solving game to suit your goals and style!What are Baba is You game features?Baba is You key is a simple-looking game in terms of graphics, but don’t be fooled – the puzzles in the game require analytical thinking and creativity since you shape the game!• Adorable indie interface. The game design is minimalist, containing few objects in the environment, but each object is important – serves as an obstacle or an advantage;• Adjust and create. You must use analytical skills and creativity to adjust to the puzzles in order to solve them or creatively shift things around you;• Simple game controls. Controlling your adorable bunny-like character is quite simple, as is interacting with objects around you;• Cheaper Baba is You price.It’s all about thinking outside the box!Baba is You Steam key offers over 200 levels where you can experiment with the games mechanics in multiple ways, unbound by any limits – the only limit, perhaps, being your hesitation to think outside the box! To manipulate the rules of the game, you merely need to understand the mechanism behind these rules and figure out ways to make the objects in the game world serve you instead of hinder your process. Offering so much room for experimentation and creativity, the puzzle indie game ensures hundreds of hours of entertainment and gameplay to train your analytical skills!


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