God’s Trigger (Digital)


God’s Trigger is brutal and violent co-op action game developed by One More Level and published by Techland. This captivating top-down indie shooter will provide you with speedy battles, thrilling scenes of bloodshed, and many, many explosions! Are you ready to get into timely and decisive action sequences and dodge the incoming projectiles in a matter of seconds? You’d better be!The Red Artisan’s DreamEvery bloody level with God’s Trigger key feels like it was inspired by Quentin Tarantino movie! The red will paint the corridors, the floor and everything else standing in your way to salvation. Use an array of devastating skills, weapons, and abilities to inflict damage in the most horrendous possible ways and praise the excessively graphical results!Co-op Offers Twice of EverythingBuy God’s Trigger key and call upon a friend, playing the game in a duo makes it that much more of everything! Assume control of a Demon and an Angel and partake on a sacred journey up to the heavens gate, the four Horseman of the Apocalypse are loose, and guess whose job it is to bring the formidable brothers back home? Saving the World from the doomsday might just be the redemption that you’re searching for.


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