My Vow to My Liege (Digital)


My Vow to My Liege is a visual novel dating game. Players get to play as a girl disguised as the King of Ng, a man. The 4 dateable characters are: the guide, the enemy, the minister and the guard.Will they choose the man over the country? Love over hate? Who will they finally end up with?StoryIn the last years of the dynasty, during the Spring and Autumn Period (approximately between 771 – 476BC), the Liege of a certain nation struggles of hegemony, and wars seemed endless.The Kingdom of Ng defeated their old enemy, the Kingdom of Yue. In the course of the war, the King of Ng, HéLǘ, sustained fatal injuries as he passed the throne to the new king „FuChai”, a girl.CharactersShi YiGuangGouJianWu ZiXuChen Feng


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