Slime Rancher 2 (Digital)


Slime Rancher 2 is the second installment of the action-adventure game developed and released by Monomi Park in 2022. Play as Beatrix LeBeau and travel to the cheerful Rainbow Island, where you will discover unknown species of slimes and find new secrets to discover.Slime Rancher 2 StoryBeatrixs adventure continues. Having crossed the waves of the Slime Sea, the heroine finds herself on the colorful Rainbow Island, where she can continue her search for entirely new species of slimes. What ancient secrets will she find on this island? And will she manage to collect the previously unknown slimes?Slime Rancher 2 GameplaySlime Rancher 2 is a combination of a farming simulator and an action-adventure gameplay. Your task is to build a farm for playful creatures, where they will find their second home. Take care of your crops, prepare meals during the feeding time, and develop your base. And explore! Take your Vacpack and set off on a journey through an unknown land. In the new Slime Rancher game, you will find ancient technologies, mysterious ruins, and all-new species of slimes. Collect resources, craft valuable items, and design the ultimate conservatory for your slimes.Be careful when exploring because, in addition to the cute creatures, this world also hides dangers. Observe, discover and research. Each slime has its own character and likes different stuff. Some may turn out to be friendly and others quite aggressive. Discover their habits and apply an individual approach to each of them. The action of the Slime Rancher 2 video game takes place in a colorful world full of friendly creatures and is perfect for players of all ages. The Unity engine provides excellent quality graphics that are pleasing to the eye. Play as Beatrix LeBeau and start your adventure on the charming Rainbow Island right away!Key featuresPlay the second installment of the hit action video game with elements of a farm simulatorSee a new, colorful locationExplore, harvest resources, and discover new species of slimesBuild a beautiful conservatory to take care of your slimesCraft new gadgets and upgrade your VacpackDiscover the ancient mysteries of the island and find valuable items


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