Tomy Ahoy There (wersja angielska)


Eyes peeled, me hearties! The fast-paced family board game for kids and adults that turns every player into a pirate!When you hear the signal, steal a card from your neighbours hand on the left, pick a card to add to your Treasure Chest, then pass all your cards to the rightSpecial cards mean unexpected surprises! Players might have to give away all their loot, get bonus cards from the Treasure Island deck, fall foul of curses or collect valuable gems in this fun game for 6 year olds and upAdd and subtract the points you collected on the cards in your Treasure Chest. The pirate with the biggest haul wins the game!This game is suitable for boys and girls from 6 years of age, 2-5 players can play Ahoy There at the same time. Also great for fun family evenings


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