Cruelty Squad (Digital)


Cruelty Squad is a first-person shooter video game, developed and released in 2021 by Consumer Softproducts for PC. Become a professional killer and dive right into the bizarre world of an immersive simulator like never before!StoryPlay as the nameless hero and perform a wet job for the Cruelty Squad. The world you find yourself in is a depressing capitalist corporatocracy. Massive corporations possess unlimited power over people, and your role is to find your place in these circumstances. Follow the mechanisms that rule this dystopian reality and use them to your advantage.Cruelty Squad GameplayCruelty Squad is a power fantasy simulator that will surprise you at every step. Become a professional assassin and eliminate your targets. The gameplay will guide you through 19 missions in which you will face powerful and bizarre opponents. Explore the levels, sneak, use unusual combat methods, and complete missions. The game focuses on non-obvious solutions and is full of unique situations.The organ trade rules in the Cruelty Squad video game. Earn money from the organs of killed targets or look for other sources of income. Choose weapons or find them in the following levels. Expand your inventory and try not dying at all costs! The gameplay takes place in the bizarre world of psychedelic retro graphics. If you are a fan of innovative FPS games and surprising plots – Cruelty Squad is the perfect video game for you!ReceptionThe game continues receiving overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam. On PC Gamer it got 93% in the ranking with the description „Cruelty Squad is what a great immersive sim sees before it dies”. Players often compare it to Hitman or Hotline Miami, noting this particular title is much crazier and unpredictable.Key featuresPlay as the professional killerExplore an open world dominated by global corporationsEliminate targets and complete tasksChoose your weapons, search the levels and expand your inventoryFight bizarre opponents and discover unusual situationsEarn money by trading organs


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